Nature Masterclasses

Online courses, workshops and webinars delivered by Nature Research journal editors

Our training solutions platform Nature Masterclasses provides world-class instruction on topics vital to researchers for every stage of their career.

Nature Masterclasses training is available to institutions worldwide via virtual and in-person workshops and our on-demand platform which contains over 85 hours of learning. The training is delivered by expert academics and professionals, including Nature Portfolio journal editors.

Training Solutions Brochure
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Training for your Institution

Nature Masterclasses training is delivered as live workshops and on-demand courses.

On-demand training

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  • Online courses across the research lifecycle including and
  • Delivered by expert academics and professionals
  • For early career researchers, PhD and Master's students in the natural sciences
  • Available as an annual subscription for institutions and labs


NM Workshop
  • 1-day and 2-day in scientific writing and publishing

  • Offering 1-to-1 interaction with editors and an opportunity for abstract review

  • Available to institutions to host onsite, for 25-30 researchers

  • Delivered by Nature Portfolio journal editors, matched to the subject area of the researchers taking part

For Institutions/Consortia...

  • Support the professional development of your researchers
  • Improve the quality and visibility of your institution’s research output
  • Save time spent on mentoring researchers

For Researchers...

  • Learn what it takes to publish in top journals
  • Learn how to join, set up and lead collaborative research projects
  • Gain first-hand insight from journal editors and experts in collaboration

A ý white paper

ý has conducted extensive independent research into researchers’ professional development needs as well as looking at the factors that affect the acceptance of papers by a journal. The white paper ‘Research, publication and beyond: The support researchers are asking for’ draws together our findings, with key insights and takeaways for institutions and funders.